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Interview with “Firman Boys” member

– Could you introduce yourself and say something about Firman Boys?

Our group “Firman Boys” supports “AIK Stockholm”, our firm is one of the oldest and largest in Scandinavia. Our group was founded in 1991 and is one of the most organized groups in the country. We have a large impact on hooliganism and support our club.

– How many members you have? Average years? All are hooligans?

Firman Boys are the most influential group and have a monopoly on violence (deciding on who will fight on behalf of AIK) in the context of the club’s match at the National Stadium in Solna, Stockholm. Our members age ranges from 20 to 50 years, the firm consists of senior financial officials, top managers or professional criminals. The more attractive matches (derbies) we go together and we can hit number of few hundred hooligans. Our group has also Firman Boys subgroup – the younger generation, which is called “AIK: s Yngsta” and they are under our control.

“AIK: s Yngsta”


– Do you consider your group for ultras or hooligans… or maybe both?

Our group considers hooligans thats why we prefer the name “firm”.

– Your opinion for the graffiti actions?

Its a job for the dominating ultra-groups in Sweden, i cant say.

– Firman boys participates in the creation of choreography and other ultras activities?

In 1990, when the choreographies was hit in Sweden we have organized many great choreos, which were accompanied by fireworks, but for the last ten years we leave it for our ultras organizations. Anyway… even now all made choreographies must be approved by our group.



– You guys visit away matches in Europe?

Our group represents our club on all trips, matches, no matter of our number. When we played with Lech Poznan for League Europe in 2012, our firm was in the streets of 150 hooligans (only Firman Boys). In good numbers, we also went out on the PSV, or Naples, where we represented our group and club. By the way, i got from PSV hammer before the clashes with them.

– You have any political view as group?

Firman Boys never have been a political group and we do not mix politics with the football.

– How would you rate the hooligan scenne for season 2013/2014 ?

Unfortunately AIK qualified for the European Cup last year, but hool-scene in Sweden had several good and bloody conflicts. In the center of Stockholm there was a conflict between our group and the other two biggest rivals from Stockholm, “Djurgården IF” and “Hammarby IF.” We even had arranged clash with rival club “IFK Göteborg”, who is the second largest and best firm in Sweden after us. We also have one of the national scalps when we had to fight in the forest near Stockholm defeated German hooligans (fight was made in the 70 to 70 Firman Boys vs. Stuttgart, Dortmund, Dresden, after 3min – victory for Firman Boys).



– Who are your friends and enemies?

AIK Stockholm and Firman Boys has no friends, only enemies.

– Your favourite ultra and hooligan scenne in Europe?

Firman Boys is a cross between the old British casual and sophisticated culture of violence on a daily basis such as ultra Italian culture with good effort and due to its club. It’s such a good mix that suits our group.

– How you see the arranged fights in Poland and Russia? Would you meet them?

We are ready to meet all possible rivals in Sweden and outside… in the woods, on the street or in the field.

– Weapons in fights?

We do not use weapons in arranged fights or anywhere else.

– Do you go to support your national team?

We dont go to every game. In Sweden, it is more important to support your club than a national team dedicated fans and especially the very large hatred among all the groups, there is no peace.

– What is your relationship with club’s management?

With them we have very good relations, which is very good for both sides. It is true that the Chairman and CEO of AIK took part in a high-risk game last year, there were clashes with police. By the way our CEO AIK is a former member of Hells Angells.


Firman Boys in action against police, before match with Lech Poznan

The interview in Czech you can read in hooligans.cz

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