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Interview with Delije member

1.Would you please introduce yourself for our members?

I am a fan of Crvena Zvezda, we are known as Delije sever.

2.Tell us a bit about the history of Delije? Most famous hooligans and ultras groups?

In Serbia Partizan and Crvena Zvezda were established just after the World War II in 1945. Partizan was a club of the military and whole army and people closer to law were Partizan fans. Crvena Zvezda or Red Star or Rotern Stern was people club. Everyone else that wasn’t Partizan fan was Delije. Delije didn’t get that name right away. In the 1960 first flags came to the stadium and they were just a few. 1970 has brought many flags, caps and scarves and people began to go to away games. In 1980 brought something new. Government banned flags on poll so people started massively coming with scarves and banners. Then in 1986 2 groups were created “Ultras” and “Red Devils” and one year later “Zulu Warriors”. 1986 200 Delije went to away game to Greece against Panathinaikos and that is when the brotherhood was born with fans of Olympiakos. Many similarities – red and white, capital city clubs, ortodox… Then next few years are crucial. Groups wanted to unite and make a large organised group and a meeting took place on Christmas in 1989, many names were suggested but Delije was picked.

1991 Crvena Zvezda won UCL in Bari and then won the trophy as the best club in the world in Tokio. Many Delije went both to Bari and Tokio. Crvena Zvezda made a huge boom in Yugoslavia and people outside Belgrade were “inlove” with Zvezda. Then the war happened and Arkan (capo at that time) took one of the bravest fans in to his special unit called Arkanovi Tigrovi (Arkan’s Tigers)
After the war new groups were created like Ultras Brigate, Ultra boys and etc. They still exist now.

Many of our players from every sport (because Zvezda is a sports society and has many clubs in different sports, about 50) were on the tribune with the hardcore fans.
Then the club went to crisis and sank deeper and deeper but fans only grew bigger and stronger. Over 50% of Serbia are Zvezda supporters.


3.Do you have any political view as a fan-organization, and is there any place for politic on your stand?

We don’t interfere with politics except if politics interfere with us.

4.How was your last season on the tribune? Best match from this season?

We are getting better and better every time. Last season was special because Zvezda didn’t win the league last 6 years. In 2nd half from the season Delije every game brought new flag with a new number like a countdown to the title.

Finally we won the league and there was not much of the celebration because of serious floods in our country, peoples deaths and also because our capo Velibor Dunjic got killed.
Every match is special but i will say Crvena Zvezda : OFK Beograd the win that brought us the league trophy.


5.Your best away trip ever? Where and why?

Best away trip Cup Final Borac Cacak – Crvena Zvezda in Krusevac in 2012. Zvezda didn’t win any trophy since 2006 and it was very special to us. Many Delije members travelled to Krusevac, crazy support and singing during whole match.


6. You have friends from Europe, from where comes your friendship with Spartak Moscow?

With Olympiakos i already said but i will add that in 1992 when Zvezda played with Panathinaikos again Gate 7 brought a banner that said “Good luck Red Star – Gate 7”. In 1994 played with Olympiakos in Europe at our home stadium and Delije brought out a huge banner that said “Welcome ortodox brothers”. In a friendly game in 1995 they did the same. Since that Gate 7 is coming to our games and Delije to theirs in all competitions. Something similar happened with Spartak Moscow fans from Fratria and that is when the so called Ortodox Brotherhood happened. It is one of the strongest brotherhoods in the world.


7.What you prefer – arranged fights or riots on/outside stadium? Last big riots made by Delije?

Organised fights! Riots prove nothing because police intervene and almost always it is not fair. Everywhere Delije go there are bound to be fights… we have a song that goes “We fought always when it was needed, Delije are not afraid of anyone” even if we are less than other side we charge. Better injury than humiliation. One of the biggest fights were in Genoa (Italy) when Serbia played qualificationsand and in Greece when Zvezda played against against AEK.


8.Who are your biggest enemies in Serbia? How did your rivalry start with them? Other enemies from Europe?

Since 50% of Serbia are Zvezda fans everyone is our enemy. Every town has it’s group of Zvezda supporters and there are local clubs with their local fans from that city. Thats why the wars are mostly city based. We also hate Torcida from Novi Pazar because they are muslims, made many insults to our religion and crimes that were done to our nation. You already know the biggest enemy is Partizan (Grobari). Enemies from Europe: Croatian fans.. because of the war we naturally hate them and it doesn’t matter which club they support, Albanians too and some from Macedonia that are Albanian based. To all other we are indiffirent but if we get a chance to take a banner or a flag or any other thing we will take that chance. Of course every rival of our brothers is our rival as well.


9.What you wish for next season for your club and ofcourse for Delije?

For our club we wish to go back to it’s former glory (Champions of Europe and Champions of the world), to Delije we wish even more unity at this hard times to help our club get back to it’s former self.

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