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This and next week interesting high-risk matches from national teams

Almost all leagues from Europe are in pause becouse of European Championship Qualifications.
There are few interesting matches this and next week. Most of the national teams are from Balkan countries and the incidents are guaranteed.

Hooligans TV present you 3 of those high-risk matches.

1. Bulgaria – Croatia 10.10.2014 20:45
About 1,000 croatians are expected in Sofia on Friday. Almost all will be Ultras Dinamo, Hajduk, Rijeka, Osijek, Istra and Croats from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The so-called tourists will be almost missing. Reason is that the football meeting is considered as risky.

Croatian Football Federation announced that tickets for the match will only get fans without bans for the last five years. For this purpose, tickets will be given only to fans who had previously acquired a voucher match.

Anyway, many ultras found “surrounded” way to obtain these vouchers as they are sold online and have been simply overlooked or changing one letter in his name.
Others come to Sofia without those gaps.

Like the mood in the country, some of the expectations Croats will expect and seek contact with the Bulgarian fans. On various internet forums we can see many posts like this:

Recent meetings between Bulgaria and Croatia were with incidents. In Sofia, Sector “D” with croatians were being challenged by fans of CSKA and Partizan (Alcatraz). Responding match in Croatia, fans of several Bulgarian teams were united together. Then the hosts attacked Bulgarian group, there were wounded fans from both sides.






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2. Romania – Hungary 11.10.2014 18:00
The last meeting between both teams was for World Cup Qualifier and ended 3-0 for the home side. Enjoy the inventive flair display by the traveling Hungarian hooligans in Romania and also the incidents in Bucharest. Maybe this saturday we will see the same clashes and actions?




Román-magyar - Magyar szurkolók Bukarestben

Román-magyar - Magyar szurkolók Bukarestben

Romanian gendarmes clash with Hungarian soccer supporters before the start of a 2014 World Cup qualifying soccer match between Romania and Hungary in Bucharest's National Arena

3. Serbia – Albania 14.10.2014 20:45
The conflict here is on high istorical and religious basis. We can only gues what will happen in the streets of Belgrade next Tuesday. Serbian hooligans were always active in their national team matches, we remind you about the friendly match between Italy and Serbia few years ago. The football meeting was abandoned becouse of away supporters. Then Ivan Bogdanov (Crvena Zvezda fan) burned Albanian flag.





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