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Interesting ACAB day in Germany expected for tomorrow on 13.12.2014

Germany, Dusseldorf: 13th December (13.12.) is a special day for Hooligans: The numbers represent a policeman insult. The german police warns of riots – including the Schalke match.

The police union (GdP ) fears that it will come on Saturday in the football stadiums to massive attacks of violent football hooligans. For December 13th was a symbolic date for hooligans GdP said on Thursday.

The frequently used by hooligans insult “All Cops Are Bastards “, abbreviated ACAB corresponds to the first, third, first and second letters of the Alphabeths. Why would currently nationwide many hooligan groups to 13:12 prepare special events violence, warn the police.

“The police and the clubs must respond by increased security measures ,” says the North Rhine-Westphalian GdP chairman Arnold Plickert.” It is not enough if only the police on Saturday with more operatives on the ground, the clubs must increase the number of folders clearly.”

High-risk match
In the Ruhr area concerns the warning especially Gelsenkirchen: FC Schalke 04 plays on Saturday at home against 1. FC Köln – a high-risk game. “The meeting is risky match, even without the ACAB – day,” says one of Gelsenkirchen police spokesman Torsten Sziesze .

Basically there is not evidence that specific actions of violent hooligan groups are planned because of the special date. “Technically we are set up so that we respond well depending on location and can all ensure a non-violent event.” says Sziesze .

Also Schalke is aware of the urgency of Saturday game. The game against 1. FC Köln was due to the rivalry between the two supporter organizations and the proximity of the clubs is always a high-risk game , the club announced on request. “FC Schalke 04 is independent of the Schedule shall take all appropriate safety measures required.

GdP chief Plickert sees the football clubs in the responsibility. In order to guarantee a peaceful football weekend, they would have a moderating effect on the own fan groups. Many supporters in German are expected to show off ACAB banners during their matches in Saturday.

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