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Incidents before Napoli – Sparta Prague 18.09.2014

The day of match between Napoli and Sparta Prague was not started in the best way, with the photo of knife, next to the ticket for away sector, submitted by a fan of a Czech who had triggered the allarme – accidents (supporter of Sparta identified thanks to his name printed on the ticket, the young, just 18 years was arrested, taken to police headquarters, and then subjected to DASP). During the day Czech fans end up as victims of aggression in three serious incidents.

The first took place in the square Sannazzaro, where a group of thugs with baseball bats attacked a Mercedes with license plate carrying a Czech family that came into town to watch the game.

Another car, again with Czech registration, which was parked in a driveway Augustus was damaged by the explosion of a firecracker.

And at the end, still in Fuorigrotta, fans of Sparta who were heading to St. Paolo were intercepted at the stop of Cumana by a group of Neapolitans. The victims were beaten (not seriously injured) have also been robbed of watches, wallets, cell phones and a tablet.

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