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Hot derby match between GKS Tychy – Ruch Chorzów. 31.03.2018.

Poland: GKS Tychy – Ruch Chorzów. 31.03.2018.

The first incidents occurred the day before the derby match, when Ruch Chorzów fans visited the city of Tychy, and they were stopped there by the police, while they were painting their club emblems. 16 arrested.

Next, during the game, trouble begins in the 69th minute of the match, when Ruch Chorzów hooligans hang out on the fence, previously stolen GKS Tychy flag, and later they burned it. After the provocation, local hooligans together with Cracovia, ŁKS Łódz and Ajax tried to reach the Ruch Chorzów supporters and they clashed with security in the stands. The referee stopped the game for 10 minutes, but after this break the game was continued.

After the match, 2 people arrested, one after the invasion on the pitch and the other fan for an attack on the policeman. More than 400 police officers secured the match.

Photos and videos: “Niebiescy.pl” , “Stadionowi Oprawcy”, “PolishFansTV”

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