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Hooligans will protect New Year’s Eve party in Antwerp. 2016/17

Belgium 2016

According to the Belgian newspaper (“Gazet Van Antwerpen”), this year, hooligans from various clubs, they have plans to protect New Year’s Eve party in Antwerp, against possible attacks from islamist or terrorist.

During party, Belgian hooligans plan to unite for a higher purpose to protect the residents (especially women) and the city.

“We come to Antwerp to party and we’ll keep an eye on everything. If something happens, we will intervene immediately,” – says the fan of Beerschot Wilrijk .
Additionally, according to this fan , to the common party and guard the city, invitation accepted hooligans from Mechelen, Lierse, Borussia Dortmund, Dynamo Dresden, Feyenoord and even from Ajax Amsterdam.

Anyone who will be looking for fights among themselves, will be immediately kicked out – the main aim is to protect the city, so not to repeat the situation from Cologne.

Beerschot Wilrijk fanatic added also that hooligans want to show, they are not animals, and that they are ordinary people (lawyers, doctors, etc.) who want to do something good for the people of Antwerp.


The arrival of hooligans to Antwerp canceled.

The main organizer and promoter of the event Bernd De Herdt was called “on the carpet” by local police, when they get information that the New Year’s Eve in Antwerp had to protect hooligans from different clubs.

Bernd De Herdt was informed by cops that he would be responsible for any violation of law if such occur during New Year’s Eve in Antwerp.

In view of all this, he decided officially to cancel the whole event…..which does not mean that you can be there on your own and keep order and defend your women.

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