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Photo is from Russian hooligans movie "Okolofutbola"

Hooligans in Russia with new codex

Russian hooligans united and supported new codex for behavior on and outside stadium.
Most of the rules are followed already, but now they are officially supported by the most of the groups in Russia.

Here is the codex called “Basic rules of behavior for hooligans”:

1. You start fight only with other hooligan group. Not attacking and stealing articles from normal fans.
2. In fight you can steal team and group articles, but never personal belonging stuff like waches, phones and etc… Its unacceptable!
3. In fight with police you are required to help to other fans/hooligans even if they are from enemy team!
4. If someone gives his tshirt, scarv or other article voluntary, he must be released without fighting.
5. Dont hit a girl, even if she is from some fan-franction!
6. During Russian National team matches, all groups must be united, without fighting each other. This is cease-fire.
7. On the stadium fans are required to support their team, no matter of the result!
8. Always help to your brothre in your group even in non-football related situations!
9. Every fan is required to go on maximum away games!
10. During other European leagues (Champions League, Europa League) must not attack other russian groups!
11. In arranged fight with enemy group you can start only when numbers are same or approximately equal!
12. Felt on the grownd must not be attacked! You can attack him only if he is able to continue the fight. Visibly injured or gaven up must not be touched!
13. Before arranged fights groups can agree their rules, or neglect another ones, by mutual agreement!

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Article translated from www.Ultras-Bulgaria.net


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