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Hooligans in action during Leeds – Eintracht Frankfurt 21.07.2015

Leeds supporters clash with Eintracht Frankfurt fans following pre-season game in Austria.

Rival supporters clashed after Leeds’ 2-1 defeat by Eintracht Frankfurt
Reports claim that around 100 Frankfurt fans confronted with Leeds supporters
Around 20 arrests were made after the match in Eugendorf, Austria


Clashes outside the stadium
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  2. hahaha bunch of retards

  3. Fuck England!

  4. he english butthead, do you mean the worldcup where we win the cup? greetz from current and 4time world champion DEUTSCHLAND

  5. No one likes us

    they managed to steal some flags?

  6. Hannoverhatesultras

    these are not hooligans, just a bunch of left wing losers who listen too much rap music.

    they think they are tough when they outnumber some guys and kick them while they are lying on the ground.

    as a german, i´m embarassed for this bastards

    fight fair. man against man. if you´re too afraid to do that, let it be.

  7. Atalanta Casual

    Bergamo & Frankfurt! Fuck english cunts.

  8. 60 Frankfurt hooligans carrying knives and some wearing balaclavas turn up at a FRIENDLY and attacked the Leeds fans – the vast majority of whom were normal fans, dads with kids etc. The Leeds fans (some of whom were 50 year old non-hooligans) defended themselves and the Frankfurt lot ran away! They ran off and jumped over the wall and then stood there watching the Leeds fans! It is all on film, so I do not know why Frankfurt would try and deny what the whole world can witness. Very embarrassing for Frankfurt.

  9. very embarrasing for the frankfurt lot, seeing them pushed back by smaller numbers..

  10. what´s embarrasing for frankfurt? 700 drunken leeds idiots came over the pitch attacking 50 ultras (not hools) and the the first row of leeds fell down like flies. thats pretty cool for frankfurt and embarrasing for leeds. later in city same game, whereever it rumbled leeds lies down. english can be happy that frankfurt was only with ultra gang in austria, poor enough for leeds that this was enough for them. and by the way: no knifes or anything else..

  11. Hannoverhatesultras

    @ SGE

    50 ultras vs. 700? leeds guys

    please, you gotta be kidding..

    according to your narrative, these heroic warriors were just common ultra-kids. yeah, right..

    as a matter of fact, bn uns and uf were part of the riots.

    you can tell from the pictures and the sequences we have, that they always have to outnumber the

    leeds guys to win the fight. and kicking guys on the ground who already got beaten up is simply dishonorful.

    you left wing retards are a disgrace for germany!

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