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Gabriele Vive !

Gabriele Sandri (1981-2007)

Gabriele, 26, was a professional DJ and a Lazio “Ultra”–a hardcore Lazio fan–and he was traveling with buddies to Milan for a game with the Inter team.

In the morning of 11 November 2007 year the young men had pulled off the highway into the Badio al Pino service area near Arezzo, and a scuffle or fight had broken out with a group of supporters of Juventus, a Turin squad.

From the service area on the other side of the highway–divided by a chain-link fence–a highway patrol policeman, Spaccarotella, had observed the quarrel across the way. Pulling his gun, he ran to the fence and fired a warning shot into the air. The young men scattered, and Gabriele and his friends jumped into their car and headed for the entrance to the highway. According to a video [below] (apparently shown later in the courtroom), Spaccarotella ran along the fence, then stopped, aimed, and fired his gun twice, hitting Gabriele–sitting in the middle of the front seat–in the neck, and killing him.

He has birthday today. He’s 33 years old…ACAB…

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