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Freedom for Maciek!

Maciek is a Legia fan who is three years in prison already he still didn’t get the judgment as the court has no evidence. Why do we write about this? Because he is innocent and we don’t know when he will be free… The only one evidence which the court has are words of “Hanior” the guy that became an informant to safe himself against prison.

International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights negatively assessed the polish court, but nothing has changed. Maciek still don’t know when he will be free.

Before he went to prison, he had to get married. Today he have no job, him and his girlfriend split up. All of polish fans are united in this case and trying to put pressure on the Polish court. Let us help publicize this issue worldwide. Please, share, speak about it with your friends. Freedom for Maciek!

Source: Ultras World

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