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Ferencvaros stewards – criminals, bouncers, ex-hooligans and ex-cops

Who is Kubatov Gabor?


He has been chairman of the District XXIII of Budapest Fidesz branch since 2002. He has been party director of Fidesz since July 1, 2006.In the parliamentary elections held in 2006, he was elected from the Budapest Regional List. He was member of the Committee on Culture and the Media since October 9, 2006 to May 13, 2010. He also secured a mandate from the party’s Budapest Regional List during the 2010 parliamentary election. He is a member of the Committee on Human Rights, Minority, Civic and Religious Affairs since May 30, 2006.
Kubatov served as campaign executive of the party during the Hungarian fees abolishment referendum in 2008 and the 2009 European Parliament election in Hungary. He is the current President of the Ferencvárosi TC.

In two audio recordings (disclosed in 2010) and in a video (disclosed in 2012) Kubatov speaks about creating and managing a list containing data on the party preference of voters. Fidesz allegedly uses this list to activate its voters. Additionally, in the video Kubatov instructs Fidesz-activists to break the campaign silence period to send lazy sympathizers to vote.

I could mention many things about him. Sold out the Ferencvaros stadium which was called after Albert Florian, legend of Ferencvaros and Hungary now called as Groupama Arena. He is a ’good’ sodier of current power and he is the mastermind of listing hungarian people and he does the same with Ferencvaros fanatics.

How important for him are the real supporters?

There is such a thing that called FradiBusz. First of all you have to understand that Ferencvaros is the most popular team in Hungary, there is around 1,5 million sympatizer of them. Every away stand is full with them. Many people go to home games from every part of Hungary and from Slovakia, Romania and Serbia.

So a supporter of Ferencvaros made a system of small bus companies which brings people to Budapest for Ferencvaros games. They can travel with other Ferencvaros fans and it is very cheap to do. Many groups are forming from these travels and a new base of ultras started. It is also very good for Ferencvaros management, supporters buy tickets and spend money on stuff.

As the founder of system against the new card system he asked a couple questions from the president. Kubatov considered the whole system as a ’not serious’ initiative so FradiBusz is boycotting with at least 1000 supporters who travels with that way and one of the most succesful things, the FradiBusz is currently not working.

There are many things, missing sponsor moneys, interesting contracts, debts payed by government and so on.

And now Fradi Security

It is a big money to defend such a club. It is not just a couple hours work for every week, they have to take care of every away game because hundreds are going on aways. Who are they? Criminals, bouncers, ex-hooligans and ex-cops. Scum of the night life for sure.
Don’t forget with the new system you will give your personal datas, address, eye and vein scans to criminals, killers.

Some example of them.


“Those whores can only protest and can’t fight.” (About fans they must protect and who supported the club for decades.)


Prison of Vác, comment: I were there too. Fantastic.
Another story:

The comment: „I’m writing from my son’s profile to you president of Ferencvaros, please answer me why does Ferencvaros employ a killer, called Bogdán Ádám Ferenc? He killed my brother ont he Hajógyári Island. I would like you to kick him out. Please answer me!”

Killer working as Ferencvaros security. Of course the comment was deleted by Kubatov.

Secret picture. In the last derby an older Ujpest fan spoke about the past of the leader of Fradi Security. They were bring out of the fans and beaten by Fradi Security.

fradi-szeku1 1

Ferenc Sz.

Well known ex-hooligan and leader of Fradi Security. Also was in jail for 10 years, guess why. Because he killed a man. Gun to his head and execution.
Don’t forget that that man will have every datas of you.


He got a personal message, he poster an ironic text about it. „In the past when I was a school boy, sometimes teachers came to our home. That was called FAMILY VISITS. It was in the past, maybe not even true.” Family visits, from a killer.

szoke feri munkaban

Liberal youth occupied the head office of current goverment, FIDESZ. They didn’t use any force just went into and didn’t want to leave. In western countries it is not a big deal and not so in Hungary. So Orban didn’t send the police. But called his friend, Kubatov who send the FRADI SECURITY to defend and clean the head office of CURRENT GOVERMENT. Killers bringing out university student with force.
New system, new stadium.

What is exactly the vein scanner and how does it work?

Fujitsu’s offical developers the BioSec Group made the new system (hardware and software) which identifies a person within one second by a secondary authentication. For example, the system comparing the datas collected by the scanner with datas collected and stored on your supporters card. In fact every human being has unique veins in their hands which served instead of a PIN code. The new solution is storing this information in a database, andthe system compares the information obtained by the scan. Thus, if the solution becomes widespread, even the palms can also serve as an identification document. As the datas are coming from the living human body it is impossible to scam this system.


BioSec’s service package for physical access control include the planning, installation and maintenance of electronic and mechanic systems, as well as the consulting services. The BS GateKeeper physical access control system (Palm Secure vein base biometric technology) combines the world’s most developed vein template algorithm with speed, user convenience and highest security. The vein sensor represents the latest biometric technology, due to the fact that the vein template is an inner „ID”, therefore, it cannot be reproduced, copied or faked. The Common Criteria Certificate, which is the highest classification in the field of IT security underlines the above mentioned.

Using BS GateKeeper instead of cards, PIN codes, your hand becomes the key, what you carry always with you. You can identify yourself with your hand and open doors.

Security in Malta


Short story, they were sent out unofficially abused and attacked Ferencvaros supporters and took off banners about protest against current management and new system.


530 tickets were sent to Budapest, you could only buy by registration card. Real ultras and hooligans didn’t register but they have many connection with croats. So a croatian friend called Rijeka management if they are going to sell tickets in Rijeka. They told them that Rijeka will sell tickets for away sector (why not? it is a LOT OF MONEY), they have 500 tickets more. So the first 500 tickets were sold in Budapest and on match day when fans without tickets were in Croatia, president of Ferencvaros asked for the rest of away tickets, so nobody could buy it in Croatia.

When Rijeka knew about that there are 300 fans without tickets, they wanted to sell the tickets because they were not sold in Budapest, but president of Ferencvaros did not allow. Also many datas of Ferencvaros supporters were given to Croatian Security and police. 300 people were at the stadium. Fradi Security is checking the supporters cards if your number is not correct they bring you to police who arrests you.

The protest in Budapest.




What should I say. Corrupted politics obsessed with power. Dogs of goverment taking over our clubs. Never seen strict rules and eye and vein scanner. It is a deep shit. But Ultras of Ferencvaros won’t register, won’t give up their fight. If you think such things won’t happen with you just think about it. There is a country where everything can be done, there is a prime minister who is a very close friend of FIFA and UEFA presidents and one of the most radical football supporters are having a new security system which was never built before.

I wouldn’t be surprised if YOUR club would be the next. Fuck Modern Football, Fuck Kubatov! Suppoters without privacy!

Security in match against Sliema and Rijeka


Special thanks to our friends from HungaryUltras.blogspot.hu

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