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Flamengo Hooligans banned from stadiums

Last week Flamengo members from Torcida Jovem do Flamengo got officially banned from stadiums for 1 year, because of an injunction issued by the Ministry of Public Rio de Janeiro citing the invasion of the dressing Macae players at Estadio Claudio Moacyr in the first round of the state championship for supost Torcida Jovem do Flamengo members.

Another problem was the arrest of a supost member of the faction carrying a firearm in the derby against Botafogo on March 1st. If the decree is not met, a fine of R$ 20,000 (USD 8,000) will apply for identifiable member or event, and the withdrawal of the place of departure. Also according to the court decision, the faction members are prohibited from entering or remaining in any sporting event. Members may not, also, use shirts, hats, logos, flags, any utensils, and sing songs related to the Torcida Jovem do Flamengo in a 5 km radius of any sporting events.

Torcida Jovem do Flamengo is getting legal support to take down this injuction that is contrary to the constitutional right to come and go and liberade expression of the torcida members as individuals.

Besides that Torcida Jovem do Flamengo is getting banned without the right of defend it self and without a trial of the ones who invaded the dressing room and the one who got arrested. Anything was proven yet.

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