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Explanation of English supporter for the riots in Marseille

English supporter who participated in one of the riots in Marseille shared with us his explanation about what happened.

The guy is Leicester city fan who lost his flag during attack from Russians. Here is what he wrote:

France, Marseille 11.06.2016

People who were sitting having a drink, chat and in a large number of cases some food had to take the decision to fight or flee.

The majority fled only to be chased down and beaten, have glass bottles, chairs and tables launched at them as organised and trained Russians wearing balaclava’s, masks and gum shields (I shit you not) stampeded across the square.

We saw literally dozens of people sustain horrific injuries as wave after wave of Russians poured down the small alleyways and streets in what turned into a running battle on the ground.

No one had time to take flags or belongings as they tried to run from the flying debris and so as the square was trashed we saw flags and scarfs being torn down as tables and chairs rained on.

During the carnage that ensued I lost my Leicester Flag, torn down by some mindless thugs.

To be clear the England fans in the square were England fans. Wearing England shirts and with no anticipation or means to cope with what happened. There was no hooligan element on our side.

I would like to congratulate the French police for having zero presence during the mayhem in the square itself and standing and observing in small numbers and riot gear at the top of a flight of stairs leading away from the square.
Only 30 minutes or so later did they decide to turn up in numbers, by which point there were numerous England fans bloodied and battered with some laying on the floor unconscious / not moving and in some cases fighting for their life’s.

The day went on and we moved on.

We saw a large number of fans washing blood off themselves and looking out for each other.

We drank beer, sang about Jamie Vardy and had a great night.

The flag was forgotten about.

Here is chronology of the incidents happened in last days between Russiand and English supporters:

Euro 2016: Lokomotiv Moscow attacked England fans 10.06.2016

Euro 2016:England fan beaten twice in one day 10.06.2016

The night fights between Russians and the British 10.06.2016

New day of riots between Russians and English 11.06.2016

Riots on stadium after Russia – England 11.06.2016

Another fight between Russians and English lads in Lille 14.06.2016


  1. Sums it up. Russian hooligans went after drunk English shirters, families, old men and youngsters. And they’re trying to claim a result. Must be embarrassing to Russian right now. But the whole world knows what happened, and everyone knows they’re scum with no class, even worse than the Turkish with their knives, and that’s why Russia will never be the number 1 firm.

    • Please , send me a video of the beating of women and children Russians fan 🙂

      • I’ve read a lot of comments about russians using weapons and beating women and children, still no videos to be found. No matter how many times the english tell a lie, it will not become the truth. You should be ashamed of yourselves, everyone is making fun of you not for getting beaten, but for desperately trying to find excuses for that. The english “hooligans” are a disgrace!

      • I was there. I’m a local. I didn’t see any woman or children beaten by russians. That’s ridiculous.
        Nothing compared to 98′ when english fans threw things on random cars with family inside, destroyed shops, random locals beaten just for fun 4 on 1.

        This week-end, it was Hooligan culture vs. white trash culture. An impressive lesson.

  2. God Bless Russians. Shit to English liars and hypocrites.

  3. Russian brothers! Love from SERBIA! Is it possible that english cunts after running like rabbits now try to explain why are they pussys

  4. On photo there are 6 of you (age about 25-30, some with tattoos) and you even did not try to protect your flag. This is first thng that you need protect or do not take flag with you.
    Why you do not tell stories, how english fans just for fun throwed bottles at everybody (women, children, normal French people, who even do not care about football.) Or is it funny to throw bottles? You can throw bottles at police and local inhabitants but can not protect your own flag +))))

    Wearing gum shields +)))) LOL gum shields are weapons?

  5. You should all stay at home. People dont want see (and shouldnt have to) you guys ruin a nice sport event. People want a good time & you cant even have a beer and behave.

    Funny thing is that the lot of you fight as a result of weak character traits. If you dont punch someone in the face, youll think youre a loser. Normal, sound dont have to, but you have to – why is that?

    Not that anything of what ive written will change anyone. Thats the problem with people who are stupid – they dont know that they’re stupid.

  6. Truth on both sides of this story.

    1. Even the Russian lads admitted that they knew (most of the football world knows) that English intel/cops & French authorities keep mpst of the top hooligansfrom UK away. Many of the fans in France were in fact not hardcore. The Russians made a statement and even when they were at times provoked, the Brits doing so weren’t in the know of what to expect.

    2. The English are known to be loud/rowdy people especially ‘on tour’ at football matches and esp when drinking. Ultra or not, if you’re drinking, shouting and especially insutling other countries ie- pissing on flags – then you’re asking for a fight. If it just so happens that there are 100 average blokes having beers and several insist on insulting a nation, only to be approached by 100 members of that nation who are up for a fight well prepared and ready…then so be it, hoe you learned a lesson.

    Point is – no sympathy for the UK fans who need to learn to shut up. Some innocents might have gotten a beating but many probably deserved it. On the same token, no huge victory by the Russians for beating up drunk Englishmen. This doesn’t makeall Russian Ultra savages or heartless and it also doesnt make English hoolies “weak” for not even being in France during the fights

  7. Russians themselves posted videos of them approching the main square, tooled up and looking for anyone in a white England shirt. Their own videos show them attacking middle aged men who they found there.

    There was no English firm, there was no group of English fans to meet them, just random guys having lunch. How brave of these trained Russians to attack theses dads and grandads. What glorious victory it was !!!! Congratulations, you are number one.

  8. show me 1 video from a fight men to men,10 VS 10. You can not fucking russia bitches
    only 100 vs 10,are atacking people are drinking and steal some flags

  9. I was there and involved in a lot of it. English fan. Millwall.

    England fans had been taking the piss for two days with no sign of the Russians. We had taken over the harbour, fighting with OB and local Marseille, drinking, causing mischief, the ususal turn out. I personally heard bods singing ‘FUCK PUTIN’ and ‘where’s your famous Russian firms’ all over. I heard this myself. People were openly saying that the Ivan’s hadn’t turned up, people relaxed and got sloppy. Started boozing heavily. That was day 1.

    The second day I was there the atmosphere was too relaxed. too many people genuinely thought the Ivan’s were avoiding the agg. We assumed they were drinking elsewhere in the city or outside Marseille. Again people were getting sloppy.

    Must have been about 1 o’clock I think that the first smaller groups of Ivan’s started running out the back streets and targeting lary England fans. Proper targeted attacks, no one on the English scene had seen anything like it before. Not for many years anyway, it was only later that the big mob came down from behind the harbour through the alleyways. Let me say about the ‘women and children’ bollocks. I didn’t see any of that. What I saw was that anyone who for one second looked like defying the russkis got attacked, anyone who didn’t turn and run. And only men.

    There are too many pathetic mugs in England who think they can sing and take the piss, even throw bottles and they are still outside the world of football violence. No, have a look at yourself, if you are civilian you make it very obvious straight away that you are and you get left. If you want to stand, sing, tell bods to, fuck off or slag off the other mob then you are, im afraid, a target my old mucker. Learn these lessons now. Stop moaning. What we got was an education. We got reminded of the standards we used to set.

    When the Russian main mob turned up there were too many of us throwing bottles. The Russians were there for a hand to hander. They held their hands up over there heads and we English didn’t know what it meant. To them it means hand to hand no weapons. When they started getting bottles thrown at them they came back with everything. That’s when bods got as badly hurt as they did. Don’t forget the Ivan’s were outnumbered everywhere. Under it all they were scared in their own way. If a Russian had got separated there would have been no mercy from us, and we know it and they knew it. It was desperate fighting for them.

    As for me I had my agg in the little side streets. I was left by a large mob of English, not my own Millwall, to fight alone against 5 or siz Russians but they fought hard and fair. When I ran at the Russians I had about 30 other English with me, when it came to blows they had all disappeared. I didn’t use weapons and neither did the Ivan’s. Sure I got a boot in the head when I was down but that happens everywhere. After I was out they actually picked me up and patted me on the back.

    Im a proud Englishman, none prouder than me. It brings me no joy to see another Englishman get hurt. I saw good performances on tthe day from a few West Brom, some rangers and a solid group Everton boys. What our lot from Millwall did has been mentioned elsewhere, but as Churchill said of Dunkirk, let us not mistake this for a victory. The Russians held the field. We didn’t believe the Ivan’s were capable of that sort of thing. Now we know. I’d tell all other English who like this sort of thing to be humble and learn. Fuck the Ivan’s and their backward fucking country, I ain’t looking for any thanks or acceptance for those cunts. But I’m willing to give them their due on the day.

    That’s my two pence in the matter,

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