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Europa League fights overview 12/14.02.2019

Lot’s of action around the Europa League matches this round, so let’s see what and where.

Source of text ultras-tifo.net 

Fenerbahce – Zenit

Before the match Fenerbahce ask some Zenit to come out of the pub and fight, those Zenit refusing. Bigger mob of Zenit was walking around Istanbul, by their words without police, while Fenerbahce says police was with them. No big action here other than some small troubles. Meanwhile some Zenit fans posing with taken Galatasaray flag, no info how or from where.

Dynamo Kyiv – Eintracht Frankfurt…and 3 fights.

1) Big mob of Eintracht fans visited Kyiv the night before their game in Kharkiv. They refused 15×15 against Dynamo, saying they will fight all vs, all. A bit later 42 Dynamo attack the Germans who stood their ground good for about 5 minutes, but then they were scattered and some run. Victory for Dynamo.

2) Matchday – In Kharkiv there was a fight 8×8, Metalist Kharkiv vs. Eintracht Frankfurt. Victory for the Ukrainians. After the fight, hooligans from both teams took a group photo.

3) After the match – 3rd fight between Ukrainians and Germans. The fight took place after the match, when the Germans returned to Kiev. Then, a group of Dynamo hooligans attacked them near the hotel. Numbers: ~ 50 х ~ 50 and Dynamo win again.

Arranged fight: Metalist Kharkiv vs. Eintrach Frankfurt.

After the match Dynamo attack Eintracht Frankfurt near their hotel in Kiev.

Interesting is fact, that Germans, on match day, they had another meeting
proposal 🙂 , this time from Shakhtar Donetsk, 30 x 30, but Germans resigned and did not show up on the spot. On the photo Shakhtar group waiting for Germans.

FC Zürich – Napoli

Street clash before the game. Napoli on the left, Zürich on the right.

Rennes – Betis.

Two groups of Betis (United Family vs. Supporters Gol Sur) clash with each other before the match in France.

Olympiakos – Dynamo Kiev.

Group “Rodychi” of Dynamo Kyiv was in Greece for the game vs. Olympiacos. They walked around the city with no troubles. Then near the stadium 2 Dynamo got stabbed. Inside the stadium several fights with the Greek police who attacked the away fans for no reason, resulting in 1 Dynamo with broken hand.

During the match there were provocations on both sides. Olympiakos hung the Russian flag, and some Dynamo supporters had Panathinakos scarves.

Lazio – Sevilla.

Clashes between Lazio and Sevilla supporters ahead of the Europa League match: 5 stabbed.
4 Spanish fans, one serious + one American tourist accidentally wounded.

Victoria Plzne – Dinamo Zagreb.

Dinamo Zagreb clash with police before match against Victoria Pilzen.
1.500 BBB came to match but hosts give only 360 tickets, and everyone want to enter.

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