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Eintrach Frankfurt – Marseille 29.11.2018

Before the match, 213 Marseille supporters were sent back home because the police found dangerous tools and pyrotechnics in their buses.

Marseille fans were stopped by the police on the French – German border and they were held for 9 hours. In this time police searched 4 buses, in which they found: 12x knifes, 13x batons, 25x balaclavas, 4x protecting gloves, 2x pepper sprays, 3x mouthguard, 173x flares, 26x firecracker, drugs and 1 axe. After inspection all 4 buses were sent back to France. At the stadium in Frankfurt there was only a small group of French fans.

Marseille fans on the German border stopped by the police.

Marseille in Frankfurt.

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