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Eight months in prison and three years sentence for Lokeren fan

On February 5th 2014 in Belgium the semifinals of the Belgium Cup was played between KV Oostende and Lokeren. Then in overtime a goal was disallowed by KV Oostende and the fans started throwing bottles on the pitch and challenge supporters the Lokeren.

Lokeren fans reacted to this by breaking a gate open and move onto the pitch. Among Lokeren supporters also found themselves Nederlanderse supporters NAC Breda who had come with the Belgians. Based on camera images there have been identified around 45 supporters and against one of these supporters was a community service requirement because, according to the authorities on the images to see was that the supporter hit a police officer on his nose. The authorities also want moreover that the supporter to pay for the expenses incurred on the officer.

The 36-year-old Lokeren supporter was punished with a stadium ban of two years and a fine of 1,250 euros for entering the field. However, he continues to deny that he has beaten the agent causing the prosecutor will not accept a community service but now requires 8 months imprisonment.

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