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Delije members from Kumanovo attacked fan from Kumani

Police from Macedonia reported criminal charges against F.N. (21 years old) from Crvena Zvezda hooligans who live in Macedonia.

On 8th of this month (08.10.2014), at 17.00 pm, on the street “Thessaloniki” in Kumanovo (Macedonia) 5 members from Delije attacked fan from Kumani. The victim had knife and wounded two of the attackers D.A. (30 years old) and S.A. (23 years old), both from Kumanovo, which reported a knife wound inflicted sting of D.A. chest, and S.A. in the area of ​​the shoulder.

Today was sent a video that is recorded by camera installed on the house infront of the brutal scene, no additional commentary about how the incident happened.

Information we recieved – “The lads of Delije had the knife but he managed to fight and the knife slipped out of the hands of one lad of Delije and that is how he got the knife.” and reason for the incident “They attacked him because he had an argument with the D.A. and S.A.”

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