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Death and riots after the match in Poland. 02.05.2015

Sad news from Polish 4th league.

In the end of the match between Concordia Knurów and Ruch Radzionków Saturday (2nd of May) one fan was shot and killed by police.

When fans invaded the pitch one Concordia fan was hit in his neck by a rubber bullet fired from the cops. The fan was immediately send to hospital, but the doctors couldn’t save his life. Concordia fan who died was 27 years old, he left his wife and a small child.

On that video we can see how in 0:15 Concordia fan (gray hoodie) is shot in the neck .

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Later in Knurów (town in southern Poland), started riots, in front of the hospital, where died supporter of Concordia.
On the video we can see how the silesian fans (from different clubs) united against the cops and attacked them.


  1. what the fuck was he doing on the pitch then? I guess it’s his own fault.

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