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CSKA Sofia hooligans leader in prison for 5 years

Rosen Petrov-the animal, which was among the leaders of CSKA Sofia’s ultras, was arrested for participation in the organized criminal group of Zlatko Beret. Picked up behind bars participants in organized criminal group of Zlatko-Beret-Rosen Petrov.

Instead of lying about drugs in prison, Petrov was at the Black Sea on holiday. It turned out that the Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office postponed the sentence by serving it over three years because of illness. Sentencing in February. Nine years ago Petrov received a suspended sentence for killing a man on the road, while driving drunk.

The prosecution pointed out-on 6th August this year, he was among the most active participants in the football crowd of CSKA, which broke into the zoning club of the Stadium “Vasil Levski”.

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