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Crvena Zvezda – Donji Srem 25.10.2014, pyroshow by Delije

Match was delayed for 20 minutes bicause on stadium wasn’t electricity, but Delije made great party in dark… They burned few strobos and some pyro to light the stadium!

On the begining of the game Delije raised balloons and throwed many conffeti and papers in the air. After that on the fence they burned smokebombs and behind that pyro which was amazing for our eyes.

On the begining of second half Delije showed to us choreo, where was painted photo from the stand and view of Delije from the stand, there was few flags also painted, south stand of Marakana and 2 reflectors! All around choreo was small flags with “Winner” it is symbol of Belgrade! When the choreo went down, people which were under choreo also picked up the flags with winner. On the fence was big banner where is written “On same adress”. And of course also many pyro!

Also there were few transparents, one is support for Ivan Bogdanov, 2nd for Fedor Cherenkov Russian guy who died, 3rd is support for Novorossiya !

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