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Clashes: FC Barcelona vs. Olympique Lyon.13.03.2019

Spain 13.03.2019
FC Barcelona vs. Olympique Lyon.

Before the match there were clashes between the fans and the police.

On the photo Virage Sud (Lyon) night before the game in Barcelona. Info Lyon: We try to contact with Boixos Nois, no answer. They had people to make pictures in Lyon, like japanese tourists, but last night, there was nobody on the streets.

Match Day.

Police arrested 5 people after mass brawl between Boixos Nois (Barcelona) and Lyon ultras near the stadium. 3 arrested were Polish LKS Lodz fans who came to support Lyon and 2 were Spanish fans of Barcelona.

Boixos Nois after fight with Lyon ultras.

Lyon ultras en route to stadium.

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