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Clashes before Vasco da Gama – Fluminense. 17.02.2019

Brazil 17.02.2019

Rio de Janeiro: Clashes with police outside the Maracana stadium before the match Vasco da Gama – Fluminense in Guanabara Cup final.

All this because the local judge, a few hours before the game, ordered to play the match behind the closed door, after both clubs could not agree on where their fans would sit. However, a large part of the Vasco fans bought tickets before the court’s verdict, and that was the beginning of the problems. On the match day, they went to the stadium with tickets but the police did not want to let them inside. There was a complete chaos and Vasco fans clashed with the police. Later, the judge canceled his decisions 30 minutes after kick-off and all fans could enter the stadium.

Local media said around 31 people were injured.

Vasco da Gama won the match 1-0 with a goal from Danilo Barcelos 10 minutes from time.

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