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Clashes and arrested hooligans before Belgium Cup Final between FC Brugge and Anderlecht 22.03.2015

Crazy final cup match in Belgium!

Before match: Brugge lads were at O’Reillys bar and Anderlecht were trying to force an attack. Brugge left the pub and went into a side street away from bourse to meet Anderlecht, but cops were heavy handed and drove Brugge towards the bourse. There they surrounded them. After that police escorted Anderlecht away from Brugge lads. Two big mobs, probably biggest seen in last few years in Belgium.

For this match went fans from Holland. Ajax support Anderlecht and ADO den Haag support Club Brugge fans. 20 Anderlecth and 8 fans from ADO were arested.

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