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Eintracht Frankfurt – Schalke 04 14.02.2015, home fans with spectacular choreography

Fantastic show by Frankfurt fans. Best advice to fully see the whole choreo is to check out the video below in this article. The flags on the upper stand change after a while and include a card display. At the same time the letters on the big banner get red colors, the same happen with the big 3D letters in …

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Alemannia Aachen – Rot-Weiss Essen 07.02.2015, great derby in German 4th division

Impressive number of spectators on a match in Regionalliga West today (similar to 4th division). The stadium was sold out, 30 310 fans attended this match! About 5000 the fans traveled 126km from Essen to Aachen to support the away team. Some brother from Austria Wien also attended this match together with Essen. Alemannia won 1-0 and is now first …

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Werder Bremen – Hertha BSC 01.02.2015, both ultras organized a joint protest against kick-off time

Germany: Both Bremen and Hertha fans organized a joint protest against kick-off time. This match had kick-off Sunday 15:30. As a result of that groups from both Werder Bremen and Hertha BSC cooperated and made similar choreographies, both with the message “Pro Saturday 15:30 clock – Without us, no kick-off”. Werder Bremen Hertha BSC

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SC Freiburg – Eintracht Frankfurt 31.01.2015, home fans with choreography saying “Yes to new stadium”

Currently in Freiburg there is an ongoing discussion about what to do with the stadium. Renovate the old, build a new stadium and where the new stadium should be built. The decision is soon to be taken and fans of SC Freiburg organized a choreo on all 4 stands with the message “Yes to a new stadium”. Away fans

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