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Romania – Hungary 11.10.2014, As it was expected – clashes and troubles on the tribunes between Romanians,Hungarians and security

As it was expected – clashes and troubles on the tribunes between Romanians,Hungarians and security Police say 30 Romanians were detained at the 2016 European Championship qualifier between Romania and Hungary after supporters lobbed firecrackers and smoke bombs before the match. Police used tear gas and evacuated fans ahead of Saturday’s match, which ended 1-1. Firecrackers and shouting drowned out …

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Hungarians attacked bus with romanian fans today

High-risk match between the two enemies! Incidents started earlier today when groups of Kispest, Debrecen and Videoton supporters attacked Romanian fans bus. We don’t know which group, Arad or Brasov. Friday evening hundreds of Hungarian hooligans and ultras from different organizations started their journey to Romania. Police stopped some of the Hungarian busses and searched their cars: Photos of hungarian …

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Bulgaria – Croatia 10.10.2014, big riots on stadium and outside

Different groups from Torcida Split, Bad Blue Boys and Armada Rijeka were in Sofia few hours before match. Outside the stadium they got attacked by CSKA hooligans and Grobari. Many bottles and stones were thrown in the clashes, police also joined. Before match also Lauta Army (Lokomotiv Plovdiv) fought with police at Sector B entrance. During qualification Loko hooligans attacked …

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Hungarian hooligans ready for away game against Romania

Hungarian hooligans posted a lot of pictures with flares and bombs prepared for away game against Romania. On the photos we post you can see even bats, masks and knifes. We remind you about the last match in Bucharest when hungarian hooligans made clashes with police before and during match. Seems its going to be hot in romanian capital tomorrow. …

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Hooligans from CSKA Sofia attacked croatians tonight, stolen flag and 1 fan injured

Bulgarian hooligans attacked group of croatian supporters this night. Incidents happened during training of croatian national team on “Vasil Levski” stadium. “Animals” from CSKA Sofia attacked around 10 away fans who came in Bulgaria one night before match. After fight 1 croatian is injured in hospital and stolen croatian flag. As we know CSKA hooligans also were active on Dinamo …

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FA investigate Arsenal and Chelsea’s smoke bomb kick-off delay at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea – Arsenal 05.10.2014 Smoke bomb let off in away end concourse at Stamford Bridge on Sunday causing 15 minute delay to KO Gates were temporarily closed to prevent more fans entering the stadium Arsenal could be charged under rule E20 for ‘failing to control supporters’ The FA have started an investigation after the weekend’s Chelsea v Arsenal game was …

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This and next week interesting high-risk matches from national teams

Almost all leagues from Europe are in pause becouse of European Championship Qualifications. There are few interesting matches this and next week. Most of the national teams are from Balkan countries and the incidents are guaranteed. Hooligans TV present you 3 of those high-risk matches. 1. Bulgaria – Croatia 10.10.2014 20:45 About 1,000 croatians are expected in Sofia on Friday. …

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