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Police shoot to the players in Argentina 10.12.2017

Argentina: The final of the Cañadense League in Santa Fe  10.12.2017 Defensores de Armstrong vs. Sportivo de Las Parejas (2-0) The final between Defensores de Armstrong (champions after this game) and Sportivo Las Parejas ended with a big repression of the police to the guest players and their fans. After the match the players of Sportivo Las Parejas were furious …

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Fight: HNK Šibenik – Hajduk Split 25.10.2017

Croatian Cup 25.10.2017 Before the match HNK Šibenik – Hajduk Split there was a short but intense fight between fans of both clubs. According to one of the witnesses, Šibenik (Funcuti) fans drank and sang in a bar, when suddenly, they were attacked by supporters of Hajduk Split (Torcida). The police quickly appeared and separated the fans. Some of them …

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The man with rifle threatened for Levski Sofia fans 15.10.2017

Bulgaria – Etar vs. Levski Sofia A man with a rifle threatened for Levski Sofia fans during their procession in Veliko Tarnovo before the match against the local Etar. According to witnesses, the man shouted from his balcony “Only CSKA Sofia” Then in his direction, instantly flew various objects, such as beer cans, stones and one self made bomb. After …

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