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Big fight before Botev Plovdiv – Lokomotiv Plovdiv 30.07.2016

The derby of Plovdiv was played in Burgas because Botev don’t have license for their stadium due the lack of floodlights.

A couple of days before the game fans of both teams started to gather in the sea resorts near Burgas and everything went peaceful until the day of the game. Lokomotiv gathered a big group of around 20 cars along with their friends from Okolofutbola.tv (Russians) While travelling Lokomotiv’s fans received information that a group of Bultras (Botev ultras) are on a parking next to the highway which was 7-8km ahead of them. Bultras (around 50 people) wanted a fair fight so many members of Lauta Army stayed behind. When the fight started Bultras took out police batons and bottles so everyone from Lokomotiv joined in (around 20 more people). One fan from Lokomotiv was sent to hospital after a bottle was broken in his face. A couple of Botev fans were thrown into the ditches and few tried to hide in their cars but they were taken out and beaten. Bultras were pushed on the highway and surrendered so Lauta Army won the fight. A funny thing is that the cameraman from the russian website was holding his camera with one hand and beating people with the other. Full video will be online in around 2 weeks.





Party after the fight. On the video Lauta Army (Loko Plovdiv)

Smaller incidents before and during the match.

Police detain small pack of Lokomotiv supporters and started walking them to the stadium. In some point they were passing close by the place where Botev Plovdiv were drinking and some small troubles started.

Botev tried to attack, but police took control fast.

Pitch invasion by Botev fan


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