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Bad Gones with support for the injured steward

Sunday during the second half of the derby between Lyon and Saint Etienne, a steward was badly injured in the hand by a firecracker picked up in the sector with home ultras.

The leaders of Lyon ultras group (Bad Gones) wrote in their website that they support the stweard and wish him good luck with the difficult times wich he is going through.

Furthermore, the group wishes to remind that they carry for years an important preventive work regarding the use of pyrotechnics.

Besides that in the tribune they are against using such devices in the stands, they regulary repeat to the microphone.

“We hope that the last remaining matches will be party and fun and remember that why everyone must show responsibility while is on the tribune.” wrote the organization.

At the end Bad Gones will gather moneys from the next match against Montpellier to support financially the steward.

Full report from the derby with photos and videos:

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