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Bad Blue Boys with protest against corruption 27.11.2015

After whole week of preparation, yesterday 27.11.2015 around 18:00 near 1000 BBB gather up in front of ministry of science, education and sport for big protest. Reason is simple, BBB consider that ministry responsible for tolerating criminal and ilegal activities in their club and in croatian football in general. Standing behind the messages pointed to that ministry they song for dinamo and chanting “Freedom to Dinamo” they also lighted some pyro, and in one moment it looked like that fight between police and fans cant be avoidet, but luckely all went well. Their statement was also that this protest is one of many action prepared for future, and they decide to react now when Mamic is in jail, and when stuff he done in their club begining to reveal.









Source: www.ultras-world.com

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