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Arranged fight and stabbed fans in Plovdiv

24.05.2020 Bulgaria

Lauta Army (Lokomotiv Plovdiv) – Bultras (Botev Plovdiv)
14×14 no age limit. 30 sec. win Lauta Army

Over the years, there’ve been 6 arranged fights between Botev and Lokomotiv, Lauta Army won all of them.
Now was the 7th, but this time, there was no age limit.
There was an agreement for a 15×15 fight, but Botev only got 14 people at the meeting. And so Lauta Army played with same number.

On the night of 25th civil cops fans of Botev provoked group of Lokomotiv Plovdiv. During the incident fan of Loko was stabbed in the head and on the hand. 1 of the civil cops also sent in hospital.

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