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Anti-semitic banner infuriated Tottenham in Belgrade 18.09.2014

Banner with anti-semitic orientation indignant direction of Tottenham during the Europa League match against Partizan Belgrade, finished 0:0.

The manager of “spurs” Mauricio Poketino said “It is unacceptable and disrespectful,” for the inscription “Only jews and pussies”. It was displayed in the home end behind the goal and mocked up in the style of the ‘Only Fools & Horses’ logo. Tottenham has a reputation of Jewish team and this has inspired the authors of the banner.

UEFA delegate was informed on the break of the match for the banner, but has not taken steps to take it off from the sector. Now in waiting for the officials from UEFA to get report and take action. Most likely Partizan will play a game without fans on “Closed doors”.

Partizan now face further sanctions after being kicked out of the UEFA Cup in 2007 for hooliganism.
A French fan and Toulouse supporter was also killed near club’s ground in 2009 after an attack on a bar.

Stolen Yids flag by Grobari before match.

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