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Ajax and Rapid hooligans clashed in the night before match 03.08.2015

Today Ajax and Rapid Vienna are playing each other in Amsterdam for a spot in the Champions League. The first match ended it Austria with 2-2 and now Rapid Vienna is in Amsterdam for the return game.

Yesterday there were several clashes between the two groups in Amsterdam. The group existed of about 30 to 50 hooligans who were up for a fight. The police were there and succesfully broke up the fight. They arrested 19 hooligans, 13 Rapid Vienna and 6 Ajax. One supporter of Ajax had to go to the hospital for a head wound. At this moment all the arrested hooligans are still in custody.

Last week around 10 Ajax hooligans were arrested when they tried to break out of the away sector and they attacked police officers on their way.

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