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5 shot – 1 killed and 4 injured in Argentina’s 2nd division 17.08.2014

Five people were shot in a fight between rival groups of fans of Argentina’s Second-Division Nueva Chicago football club.

The fight broke out Saturday before Nueva Chicago’s 3-1 win over Guarani Antonio Franco.

The five wounded people were taken to Santojanni Hospital in Buenos Aires, but only one of the victims was listed in critical condition.

The fight between the Los Antenas and Los Perales fan groups occurred just outside Republica de Mataderos Stadium and beyond the police security perimeter. All victims are members from Los Antenas.

Los Perales and Los Antenas are “villas de emergencia” dangerous neigborhoods.

The struggle for control of the Nueva Chicago fans’ organization has been plagued by violence.

Agustin Rodriguez, a 27-year-old resident of the Los Perales neighborhood, died on Jan. 18, 2012, in a fight involving rival groups of Nueva Chicago fans.

The fight between Nueva’s hooligan groups on Saturday produced fan death No 268 in Argentinian football since 1931.

The latest incident comes as security officials study ways to resume allowing fans of visiting teams to attend games. EFE

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