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36 hooligans arrested after fight in Holland 08.11.2014

The night on Saturday 08.11.2014 at Zwolle when the game was played between teams of Zwolle and FC Groningen the police recieved a message that there was something going on around the Zwolle stadium (Ijsseldelta Stadium). Police discovered a confrontation between Zwolle and Ajax Amsterdam hooligans.

Both groups did fight each other with sticks, metal pipes and other materials, also stones and botles were thrown. 36 people were arrested – 31 Ajax and 5 Zwolle supporters. Police started investigation against all of them. What the Ajax fans did in Zwolle the police cant confirm. Unofficial information is Amsterdam hooligans were on there way to Leeuwarden where Ajax faced Cambuur on Sunday.

*The photo is from Ajax hooligans on tour Milano against Milan.

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