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Riots: Inter – Napoli. 26.12.2018

Italy 26.12.2018 Brutal fight took place before the match between Inter and Napoli in Milano, in which chains, knives, baseball bats and other dangerous tools were used. According to Italian newspapers, a group of Napoli fans in minibuses managed to avoid the police escort and went to the stadium itself, where they met with the Inter group, and so the clashes …

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Wiener derby: Austria Wien – Rapid Wien. 16.12.2018

Wiener derby: Austria Wien – Rapid Wien. 16.12.2018 Only 500 Rapid fans watched the derby in the stadium, as the police stopped the corteo of the others. Police said there were criminal offenses (throwing snowballs and empty cans on the highway) so they had to document identities from all of them. This took up to 7 hours. Without toilets, food, …

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Chaos at Port Vale – Stoke City derby match 04.12.2018

Checkatrade Trophy: Port Vale vs. Stoke City (U21) (4-0) It was the first Potteries derby, after 16 years. The police claimed that around the derby match, there was atmosphere, like in the 80’s. At least 200 officers were deployed to control the crowd of 8,000 – half of them Stoke fans. Over 12 people were arrested, one steward injured and …

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Eintrach Frankfurt – Marseille 29.11.2018

Before the match, 213 Marseille supporters were sent back home because the police found dangerous tools and pyrotechnics in their buses. Marseille fans were stopped by the police on the French – German border and they were held for 9 hours. In this time police searched 4 buses, in which they found: 12x knifes, 13x batons, 25x balaclavas, 4x protecting …

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Riots: AEK – Ajax 27.11.2018

Greece, Athens 27.11.2018 AEK – Ajax The night before the match in Athens, there were big clashes between Ajax (+ Cracovia + Panathinaikos) vs. AEK (+ Partizan Minsk). Fight broke out when Ajax, Cracovia and Panathinaikos went to the AEK district and they meet AEK near their clubhouse. The clashes lasted for a few minutes until the police arrived. Ajax, Cracovia and …

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Clashes with the police before River Plate – Boca Juniors 24.11.2018

Argentina, Buenos Aires. Copa Libertadores Final: River Plate – Boca Juniors. The second leg of the 2018 Copa Libertadores Final was postponed on Saturday after River Plate fans attacked the Boca Juniors bus on its arrival to the El Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires, injuring players. Some of the Boca players had to go to the hospital, and the others …

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Clashes with the police and between supporters: Benfica – Ajax. 07.11.2018

Portugal: Benfica – Ajax The first troubles erupted at Estádio da Luz, just before the match, when Ajax supporters started throwing various objects behind the buffer zone, then the police entered the action. Later, after the match, the Dutch fans were attacked by the Benfica supporters, near the stadium hotel, where they stopped. 7 people were detained, no one was …

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