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Interesting match in Moscow! Lokomotiv Moscow – Torpedo Moscow 08.04.2015


Hooligans from Troublemakers (Torpedo Moscow) attacked Lokomotiv fans before match. In result – 35 arrested supporters. During the derby Lokomotiv ultras made pyro, both sides show trophies from the enemy. Incident before match Lokomotiv Moscow Torpedo Moscow

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Riots during Arsenal Tula – Torpedo Moscow 05.04.2015


All began when Torpedo started throw some shits towards sector with Arsenal supporters. After this home fans begins sing and insult enemy. So Moscow fans broke the fence and riots ready. Game has been interrupted in 32 minutes, for 5 minutes.

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Torpedo Moscow – Arsenal Tula 03.11.2014, minor incidents on stadium


Away hooligans tried to reach home fans during second half of the match between Torpedo and Arsenal from Russian League. Supporters from Tula faced security and police on the way to home sector.

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HooligansTube: CSKA Moscow fans trying to reach to Torpedo’s supporters


Full report of match: CSKA Moscow – Torpedo Moscow 02.08.2014, riots before and while game

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CSKA Moscow – Torpedo Moscow 08.02.2014 Incidents before and during the match

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Torpedo hooligans with affray with the police before match. During the derby from Russia, CSKA’s fans tried to start a fight with away fans in their sector. Affray before match Photos and video from troubles between two sectors

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