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Fight on the stands before Liverpool – Sevilla 18.05.2016


Clashes before match begun when Liverpool fans entered sector with Sevilla supporters.

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Biris Norte attacked City fans in the night before match 02.11.2015


Manchester City fans were attacked in Irish bar by Biris Norte (Sevilla) in the night before tomorrow’s Champions League match between both teams. Spanish hooligans used bats and other tools in their attack. Two City fans had minor injuries and there had been no arrests from both sides. Injured City fan after clashes

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Sevilla fans attacked by polish hooligans in Manchester 21.10.2015


Champions League. Before the match Manchester City vs. Sevilla in the city center fans from Spain were attacked by Polish hooligans. Slask Wroclaw (40 persons) attacks about 120 supporters of Sevilla, who were in the beer gardens (including Biris Norte). During the attack Slask steals one flag. After the clashes, few Poles were arrested + fan with the stolen flag. (flag returns …

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Everything from Europa League Final between Dnipro and Sevilla 27.05.2015


Europa League final. Dnipro – Sevilla in Warsaw, Poland. Before the game. Slask Wroclaw attacked Sevilla fans on the road to Warsaw. The car rented from Germany. A lot of police all day in Warsaw, because this match was marked as high-risk match. From one side we have Biris Norte(Sevilla), from the other side we have Dnipro + Dynamo Kiev …

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Italians attacked pub with away fans in the night of Fiorentina – Sevilla 14.05.2015


Hooligans from Fiorentina attacked pub with Sevilla fans in the night of Europa League match between both teams. Italians used flares and other tools in the clash. After few minutes police came on the place, but supporters escaped. No information for arrested fans.

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Bus with Biris Norte stopped by police on the way for match with Feyenoord


Bus with Biris Norte members was stopped by the police on the way to Rotterdam. Dutch police arrested all of the ultras because they carried weapons with them. Fans stayed the whole night in police station. Only when the match between Feyenoord and Sevilla from Europa League finished, after payment of 50 euros to a fine, every fan was able …

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Sevilla – Feyenoord 18.09.2014, Biris Norte attacked away corteo with flares


Biris Norte attacked Feyenoord corteo with flares before match from Europa League between Sevilla and Feyenoord. Feyenoord corteo Incidents before match

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Real Madrid – Sevilla 12.08.2014, spanish Supercup in Cardiff


Biris Norte stole Real Madrid flag in Cardiff. The flag doesnt have nothing to do with Ultras Sur, as it was mentioned at the begining. Video from Sevilla’s corteo before Supercup final. Members from Arte & Vida (Sevilla group) will Will leаve Cardiff with bad memories. Hooligans from Slask, Poland stole their main banner. Here you can read more info …

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Slask Wroclaw on tour Cardiff, steal banner from Sevilla 12.08.2014


Slask Wroclaw fans traveled to Cardiff for Supercup match between Real Madrid and Sevilla. They hunted for fans of Sevilla, during this trip beat up a dozen people and stole a flag from spanish supporters. Stadionowi Oprawcy also writes about fight beween both Slask and Sevilla hooligans. Numbers 40×40 with win for polish side.

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