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Minor incidents during Dynamo Kiev – Napoli 13.09.2016


Minor incidents during Dynamo Kiev – Napoli 13.09.2016 (UCL) Dynamo fan throwing cups with urine into Napoli supporters.

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Clashes on the streets before Real Madrid – Juventus 13.05.2015


Tonight’s Champions League semi-final second leg between Real Madrid and Juventus has been marred by pre-match crowd trouble in the streets of the Spanish capital. One Juventus supporter is wounded by police during clashes in Madrid.

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Belgrade derby delayed because of riots with police 25.04.2015


First fight occurred outside the south stand (away stand with Partizan fans) about an hour before game. Grobari clash with police. Few minutes before kick-off new fight broke out, this time between Delije and cops at the stadium. It’s said the fight started when a group of Partizan fans managed to walk towards the home sector. Referee decided to delay …

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Troubles during derby: Dinamo Bucuresti vs. Rapid Bucuresti 11.04.2015


Romania 11.04.2015 Incidents between cops and supporters after one Rapid fan jumped over the fence and tried to steal “Energizatii” banner from Dinamo. Unfortunately, he was caught by security. After this unsuccessful action, began troubles with police on two sectors with fans. Photo sources: and Alex Paraschiv

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Panathinaikos – Olympiakos 22.02.2015, riots before the derby.


Greece 22.02.2015 Panathinaikos – Olympiakos Gate 13 storm the pitch before the game and try to attack warming up players of Olympiacos, but after a while the police enters into action and begin to fight. When the situation calmed down, referee began game.

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Another day of riots in Rome 19.02.2015

Feyenoord's supporters in Rome

Today (19.02.2015) before the match, Feyenoord fans gathered in one big square in the center of Roma. Suddenly the Italian police decided to clean the square for fans and new fights occurred. Penalties for some Dutch fans after clashes with police: 3 Feyenoord fans sentenced for 1 year and 4 months in prison. Sentence for 11 others Dutch rioters: 6 …

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Clashes in Rome between Feyenoord hooligans and police 18.02.2015

Clashes between police and supporters of Feyenoord in the centre of Rome

Many Feyenoord fans traveled to Rome few days before match against Roma. Yesterday night (18.02.2015) hooligans from Holland clashed with police in the streets. Dutch newspaper writes that after these clashes were arrested 33 people We are expecting interesting actions tonight (19.02.2015) for Europa League, stay in touch.

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Roma – Lazio 11.01.2015, riots after match between hooligans and police


Fight between Lazio hooligans and police after match. Fans used flares and stones in clashes, one cop injured. Article will be updated with new information, photos and videos.

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Arranged fight:Djurgårdens IF vs. IFK Göteborg 29.11.2014 (Video)


Sweden 29.11.2014 Djurgårdens IF (Djurgårdens Fina Grabbar) vs. IFK Göteborg (Wisemen) 35 x 37 Win Wisemen.

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Atalanta – Roma 22.11.2014, four officers wounded in Bergamo after riots


Atalanta hooligans tried to attack bus with away Roma fans but police intervented and then started riots. Ultras from Bergamo were throwing objects like sticks, stones, bolts, fire extinguishers and a paper bomb with nails, which caused four wounded officer agents taken to hospital. 2 police cars are damaged also.

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