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Riots between ultras and police for derby of Rome 25.05.2015


According to news, 1 700 police officers was on duty for this derby in and around the stadium. But still fans of Lazio and Roma clashed close to the Olympic Stadium before kick-off, which resulted in two Roma fans being stabbed. Luckily it’s not life threatening. Police also confiscated several materials which could be used in riots, included bag hidden …

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Wisla Krakow hooligans in Rome for derby between Lazio – Roma 25.05.2015


60 Wisla Sharks members (Wisla Krakow hooligans group from Poland) in Rome with Lazio supporters before game Lazio and Roma.

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New friendship. Wisla Krakow and Lazio!!!

Statement of leading hooligans from Wisla Krakow (Wisla Sharks) 27.04.2015 During the match, Wisla with Korona Kielce (26.04.2015) for the first time at our stadium officially hosted a delegation of Lazio Good relations prevailing in a long time, between both crews, have been transformed into friendship! On the next derby of Rome (May 24), will be officially announced frienship! Krakow …

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Lazio hooligans in action after Lazio – Fiorentina 09.03.2015


Lazio hooligans attacked busses with Fiorentina fans. Supporters used stones, in result few windows were crashed. No information for arrested fans. We will update the article if more photos and videos come up.

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Roma – Lazio 11.01.2015, choreos and pyro in Rome derby


Photos and videos from both sides during derby of Rome between Roma and Lazio.

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The banner of “Sofia West” in Curva Nord, Roma ultras: “Bulgarians, English, Madridistas … when you come alone?”


Nearly 60 000 attended the derby of Rome on Stadio Olimpico, among them once again in Curva Nord were Lazio’s friends – Sofia West (Levski Sofia hooligans group). Their flag was on the fence during whole matcm. In the sector of Roma ultras showed banner on which was written: “Bulgari, inglesi, madrileni… da solo quando vieni?” which translated means “Bulgarians, …

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Roma – Lazio 11.01.2015, riots after match between hooligans and police


Fight between Lazio hooligans and police after match. Fans used flares and stones in clashes, one cop injured. Article will be updated with new information, photos and videos.

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Lazio – Juventus 22.11.2014, ultras from Lazio attacked police


Four injured police officers after riots in Rome. Before match ultras from Lazio attacked police with stones, flares and bombs. No information for arrested or injured supporters. A bit more from Lazio – Juventus played on 22.11.2014 Levski Sofia with a visit at their friends from Lazio 22.11.2014

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Levski Sofia with a visit at their friends from Lazio 22.11.2014


Levski fans returned the gesture to their friends from Lazio and supported them in the derby against Juventus. More than 50 members from Sofia West (Levski hooligan group) attended the game in Rome. Italians thanked lifting up several banners which welcomed them… “Welcome, brothers” and “Lazio and Levski for 1000 years!”.

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Atalanta – Roma 22.11.2014, four officers wounded in Bergamo after riots


Atalanta hooligans tried to attack bus with away Roma fans but police intervented and then started riots. Ultras from Bergamo were throwing objects like sticks, stones, bolts, fire extinguishers and a paper bomb with nails, which caused four wounded officer agents taken to hospital. 2 police cars are damaged also.

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