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Fight and troubles during Stockholm derby! Djurgården – Hammarby 19.04.2016


This Stockholm derby started with some troubles at the stands. At least 9 fans got arrested, 1 steward and 2 cops got light injuries after the incidents.

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Released video from arranged fight in Sweden between AIK and Hammarby 06.02.2016


Youth fight – Sweden 06.02.2016 AIK’s Yngsta (AIK) vs. Bajen Hit Squad (Hammarby) 20×20 AIK win

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Pyro and choreos during Hammarby – AIK 27.09.2015


Both sectors with great pyroshows and choregraphies. Enjoy the photos and videos. Hammarby Live from Hammarby – AIK 27.09.2015 #hammarby #bajen #bajenfans #bajenultras #sweden #derby #pyroisnotacrime #pyro #nopyronoparty #ultra #ultras #ultraschannel #ultrasworld #ultrasmentality #ultrastyle #ultrastifo #hools #hooliganslifestyle #hooligans #hooliganstv #footballultras #football #footballpassion A video posted by (@hooliganstv) on Sep 27, 2015 at 9:24am PDT AIK Stockholm Hammarby – AIK …

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Another great derby in Stockholm! AIK – Hammarby 04.05.2015

AIK - Hammarby

AIK Hammarby

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Choreos and pyro during Hammarby IF – Djurgardens IF 13.04.2015


Derby in Sweden. Choreo and pyro by both sides. Enjoy! Hammarby: Djurgardens IF

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Hammarby IF vs Häcken Goteborg 04.04.2015, great show by Hammarby supporters


Great show by Hammarby supporters. Big corteo with more then 10.000 fans, choreo and pyroshow.

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AIK – Hammarby 07.03.2015, big derby in Stockholm


For the first time in many years the two Stockholm enemies finally meet again. After Hammarby were relegated few years ago they didn’t play against AIK for a while. But this year Hammarby is back in the top and one month before the Swedish season start the two enemies meet in the Swedish cup. One fight reported in the city …

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Photo gallery of hooligan groups from Sweden


New photo gallery of hooligan groups. This time we present you great photos from Sweden. Pictures from Germany and Poland you can find in our rubric HERE and HERE. New materials from Italy, Serbia, Croatia are coming soon… Djurgården (in black) vs Wisemen Gothenburg (in red) Bajen Orphans, Hammarby (in black) vs Youth Division, Copenhagen (in red) Bajen Orphans (in …

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Hammarby – Jönköpings Södra 02.11.2014, Hammarby promoted to first division


Hammarby promoted to first division in Sweden. Fans celebrated with Choreography, pyro and pitch invasion! Sunday evening 30 000 Hammarby supporters could celebrate promotion to the top league when the Swedish football season 2014 ended.

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GAIS – Hammarby 26.10.2014, 4500 away fans travelled 470km for match in Swedish 2nd division


Hammarby fans with an impressive invasion in Göteborg last Friday. 14 buses left Stockholm and drove 470km to Göteborg. In total 4500 Hammarby fans travelled to support their team in the Swedish 2nd division. Some hooligans of Hammarby travelled one day before the match. They had an arranged fight against Wisemen (IFK Göteborg), but police managed to stop it. Instead …

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