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Fight between Polish and German hooligans 16.06.2016


On Wednesday in the area of Trocadero Square in Paris, Stomil Olsztyn hooligans, (9 people), noticed tattooed lads from Dynamo Dresden, who drank beer (about 10 people). Poles (before the attack) first they came to them to ask if they are for sure from Dynamo Dresden. Germans said yes, we are from Dynamo. After this, in one second, broke out …

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Riots during Darmstadt – Eintracht Frankfurt 30.04.2016


More than 500 people were arrested yesterday in Darmstadt before and after the game between the two clubs which are big rivals. (30 km between Frankfurt and Darmstadt) Police used pepper spray when they went inside the away sector. They also used dogs before the game.

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Riots before friendly match between 1. FC Union and Austria Salzburg 30.01.2016

Fussball Herren Saison 2015 16 Jubiläumsspiel und Benefizspiel zum 50 Vereinsgeburtstag des 1 F

Riots before friendly match between teams of 1. FC Union and Austria Salzburg. Clashes between German hooligans and police on the streets – 18 arrested and 21 policeman injured says media in Germany.

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The best from German hooligans for 2015


Here are links with the most interesting incidents in Germany. In every link you will see photos, information and videos from the events, all of them are from 2015: Clashes during futsal in Cloppenburg (Germany) 09.01.2015 SC Preussen Münster – SG Dynamo Dresden 01.02.2015, away fans in troubles with police Prussia Münster – VfL Osnabrück 07.02.2015, fight in German 3rd Division …

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Grobari stole away banners during Partizan – Augsburg 10.12.2015


Fans of Partizan stole Augsburg banners during match from Europa League between both teams.

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Interrupted derby in Germany! Eintracht Frankfurt – Darmstadt 98, 06.12.2015


In the end of the derby Eintracht hooligans burned banners and materials stolen from Darmstadt. They also tried to invade the pitch, but police had control on the situation. Match got interrupted for few minutes, but teams managed to play the last seconds of it.

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Paris terror attacks during France – Germany leave more than 60 dead people


The worst attack in the history of the French capital is underway. A coordinated assault by multiple terrorists is underway in Paris during France – Germany. Police say the gunmen—as many as six—were armed with Kalashnikovs and grenades and killed at least 60 people so far. French president also said 3 people died on stadium during friendly game, a bomb …

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Fight on the streets between Aue and Chemnitzer 07.11.2015


Aue hooligans attacked pub with Chemnitzer lads inside. The match starts at 14.00 Aue hooligans in Chemnitz today

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Memories: Cop killed fan during riots in Germany in 1990


Mike Polley (* April 23, 1972 Berlin Hotel, † November 3, 1990 in Leipzig) was a German football fan and victims of violence. He was shot dead during the riots around the league match between FC Sachsen Leipzig and Berlin FC by shots of a police officer.

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Troubles on the stands during Alemannia Aachen – RW Essen 31.10.2015


Fight between fans in Germany. Clashes started near away sector during match between Alemannia Aachen and RW Essen. Few fans were arrested. Check out our friends from UiSF

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