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Riots: West Ham – Chelsea 26.10.2016


Fight between home and away fans at the end of match West Ham – Chelsea

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New interview with Vasily nickname “The Killer” about the riots during Euro 2016

Vasily the Killer

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The night in Lille was also hot! English hooligans riot 15.06.2016

Football Soccer - Euro 2016 -  Lille, France  15/6/16  England fans run from tear gas in Lille, France, June 15, 2016.      REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

Clashes the whole day and now the whole night between English hooligans and police in Lille. English supporters celebrated together with French fans and started riot in the city. Arrest toll in Lille up to 36 as 16 hospitalized. BREAKING – England fans clashing in #Lille tonight. Punches thrown after attempts to calm situation fail — Mark White (@skymarkwhite) …

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English fans clashed with police in Lille 15.06.2016


Once again trouble between English fans and Russians. This time in Lille where Russia played today. Incidents happened shortly after end of match between Russia – Slovakia between English and Russian fans. Police used tear gas to disperse fans. England fans charging at Russians

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Minor fight between English and Russian supporters in Lille 14.06.2016


In the night of 14th June was minor fight between Russian and English lads. Riot police intervented, tear gas were used. Sorry for disturbing you again tonight… new fight between #russia (right) and #england (left) 15.06.2016 #fight #riots #euro #euro2016⚽️ #euro2016 #ultra #ultras #Ultraslife #ultrasworld #ultrasliberi #ultrastyle #UltrasTifo #ultraschannel #ultrasmentality #casualultras #casualultra #hools #hooliganslifestyle #hooliganstv #hooligans #footballhooligans #footballultras #footballpassion #football …

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Explanation of English supporter for the riots in Marseille


English supporter who participated in one of the riots in Marseille shared with us his explanation about what happened. The guy is Leicester city fan who lost his flag during attack from Russians. Here is what he wrote: France, Marseille 11.06.2016 People who were sitting having a drink, chat and in a large number of cases some food had to …

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Another fight between Russians and English lads in Lille 14.06.2016


Orel Butchers firm (Russians) attacked group of England and Wales supporters today in Lille.

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Riots on stadium after Russia – England 11.06.2016


Group of Russian hooligans stormed a sector with English supporters just after the final whistle of the game.

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New day of riots between Russians and English 11.06.2016

Numerous fights have broken out in Marseille this afternoon between England and Russia fans, stun grenades and tear gas used but police cannot gain control. Russian corteo attacked English supporters today. Few England fans are seriously injured. Police arrested some of the participants. Russians on black. Russians, in a smaller number, face to face with the English. Results:

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Riots in Marseille before Euro 2016

Report from Marseille when group of 40 locals attacked England fans. In result cops appeared with tear gas 10.06.2016 Hooligans TV on the place 🙂 #euro2016 has just started 🙂 Report from Marseille when group of 40 locals attacked England fans. In result #acab appeared with tear gas 10.06.2016 #france #euro #euro2016⚽️ #england #fight #riots #ultra #ultras #Ultraslife #ultrasworld #ultrasliberi …

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