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Riots during Darmstadt – Eintracht Frankfurt 30.04.2016


More than 500 people were arrested yesterday in Darmstadt before and after the game between the two clubs which are big rivals. (30 km between Frankfurt and Darmstadt) Police used pepper spray when they went inside the away sector. They also used dogs before the game.

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Interrupted derby in Germany! Eintracht Frankfurt – Darmstadt 98, 06.12.2015


In the end of the derby Eintracht hooligans burned banners and materials stolen from Darmstadt. They also tried to invade the pitch, but police had control on the situation. Match got interrupted for few minutes, but teams managed to play the last seconds of it.

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Hooligans in action during Leeds – Eintracht Frankfurt 21.07.2015


Leeds supporters clash with Eintracht Frankfurt fans following pre-season game in Austria. Rival supporters clashed after Leeds’ 2-1 defeat by Eintracht Frankfurt Reports claim that around 100 Frankfurt fans confronted with Leeds supporters Around 20 arrests were made after the match in Eugendorf, Austria Clashes outside the stadium

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Germany: Top 15 clubs with most banned fans

Here are the first fifteen German clubs with most banned supporters from stadiums. It is surprising, because we expected that the 1st place will be for Dynamo Dresden or FC Köln, but the leadership is for Borussia Dortmund. 1. Borussia Dortmund are first with 224 banned fans 2. Hansa Rostock (145) 3. Eintracht Frankfurt (137) 4. FC Köln (133) 5. …

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Clashes in Dortmund before Borussia – Eintracht Frankfurt 25.04.2015


Clashes between hooligans from Borussia (~300 Unity ultras group) and Eintracht (~200). Police joined the fight and arrested 11 hooligans from Eintracht Frankfurt after the clash in Old Market Place in Dortmund.

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FC Köln – Eintracht Frankfurt 08.03.2015, fight on the streets between both firms


Fight between Köln and Eintracht Frankfurt hooligans on the streets. Rumours are for draw and numbers 35×35.

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Eintracht Frankfurt – Schalke 04 14.02.2015, home fans with spectacular choreography


Fantastic show by Frankfurt fans. Best advice to fully see the whole choreo is to check out the video below in this article. The flags on the upper stand change after a while and include a card display. At the same time the letters on the big banner get red colors, the same happen with the big 3D letters in …

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SC Freiburg – Eintracht Frankfurt 31.01.2015, home fans with choreography saying “Yes to new stadium”


Currently in Freiburg there is an ongoing discussion about what to do with the stadium. Renovate the old, build a new stadium and where the new stadium should be built. The decision is soon to be taken and fans of SC Freiburg organized a choreo on all 4 stands with the message “Yes to a new stadium”. Away fans

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Sampdoria – Eintracht Frankfurt 02.08.2014, clashes between fans and police


Two videos from clashes between Sampdoria and Eintracht hooligans. According to some informations a hooligan from Germany and one cop were wounded. From Germany arrived around 500 fans to support Eintracht Frankfurt.

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