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Hot derby in Czech Republic! Banik Ostrava – Opava 14.09.2016


Clashes all day and during derby in Ostrava! Banik Ostrava fans were supported by GKS Katowice and SFC Opava by Slask Wroclaw from Poland Troubles before match between fans and police, few arrested. During the match Banik + GKS Katowice storm the pich. Baník Ostrava + GKS hooligans storm the pich during game with Opava Baník and GKS  hooligans (+one girl) storm …

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Clashes between Slavia Prague and cops in Brussels 25.08.2016


Europa League 25.08.2016 Anderlecht vs. Slavia Prague Lads from Prague before match in the city. Slavia Prague before the match vs.  A.C.A.B.

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Troubles on Králův Dvůr – Sparta Prague 23.09.2015


Fans clashed with police before and after Cup match in Czech Republic. Arrested away fans from Sparta Prague.

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Troubles in Czech Republic during Zlin – Banik Ostrava 15.08.2015


FC Fastav Zlín – FC Baník Ostrava All started in the second half, when the team from Ostrava began to lose the match. Then Banik Ostrava fans interrupted the game for about 20 minutes. The rest can be seen on the pictures and video.

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Memories: Arranged fight in Czech Republic! Bohemians – Opava 23.04.2007


Arranged fight in Prague, which put against each other 41 hools from Opava (in this number also included 10 hooligans from Poland, Slask Wroclaw) and 69 Bohemians hooligans. After minute of fighting Bohemians win.

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United football hooligans in Bratislava against immigrants 20.06.2015


Poles, Czechs, Slovaks & Serbs on protest in Bratislava yesterday against immigrants and mass migration from Africa. Riots with police and more than 140 arrested.

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Clashes between away hooligans and police after Banik – Sparta Prague 28.02.2015

sparta hooligans

Fight between away hooligans and police after match. In result 54 supporters of Sparta Prague detained. Source:

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Prostějov – Haviřov 20.12.2014, fight between security and hooligans in Czech


About 350 supporters with 6 busses of AZ Havířov made their way to ice hockey match in the Czech Republic. In middle of the game riot started, probably by angry away fans as the result was 3-0 to the home team. Fight was between hooligans and security. Photo source:

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Sparta Prague – Slovan Bratislava 06.11.2014, riot police arrested 70 hooligans before the match


Two weeks ago the match between Slovan Bratislava and Sparta Prague were disturbed when supporters clashed inside the stadium. It was expected something could happen in the return match last night in Prague and riot police was ready for it. Near the stadium about 70 hooligans from Slovan Bratislava, together with friends from Brno, was arrested by the cops.

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Slovan, Sparta, Metalist and Legia will be punished by UEFA for excesses in the stands


Slovan Bratislava and Sparta Prague will be punished by UEFA for crowd trouble in a match of the group stage of the Europa League between the two teams played last Thursday. The football meeting in the Slovak capital was abandoned for about 40 minutes in the first half because of the excesses in the stands of the stadium “Pasienki.” Police …

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