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Legia – Aktobe 28.08.2014, Legia ultras with choreo against UEFA


Legia fans displayed a fantastic choreography to UEFA. The reason is UEFA disqualified Legia after the 6-1 win against Celtic, because of a small mistake. Message to UEFA: “Because football doesn’t matter. Money does.”  

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Aktobe – Legia 21.08.2014, troubles on the stands and in front of Legia players hotel


Around 50 Legia fans supported the team in match against Aktobe. Teddy Boys 95 before match Troubles on the stands during play-off. Sector 13 – Aktobe supporters Aktobe fans attacked hotel with Legia players after match The photo did footballer of Legia, he wrote on Twitter that fans Aktobe began throw stones at the hotel, the players could not leave …

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Fight in Kazakhstan between Aktobe and Legia fans 20.08.2014


Europa League :Aktobe vs. Legia Legia (~20) clashes with Aktobe fans (~30) in Kazakhstan Tonight (21.08.2014) both teams play the first playoff match of the Europa League. Sector 13 – Aktobe fans

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