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Legia hooligans clashed with police in Madrid 18.10.2016


Champions League: Legia away in Madrid! Real Madrid vs. Legia Warsaw Over 3,000 Legia fans came to the Spanish capital to support their team. Before the match they clashed with police on the streets. On the stadium, great and loud support by Polish fans. Legia at the stadium.

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Clashes between Slavia Prague and cops in Brussels 25.08.2016


Europa League 25.08.2016 Anderlecht vs. Slavia Prague Lads from Prague before match in the city. Slavia Prague before the match vs.  A.C.A.B.

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Riots after the derby in Grudziadz 03.07.2016 (Speedway in Poland)


Home fans clash with police when they wanted to reach away fans.

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The night in Lille was also hot! English hooligans riot 15.06.2016

Football Soccer - Euro 2016 -  Lille, France  15/6/16  England fans run from tear gas in Lille, France, June 15, 2016.      REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

Clashes the whole day and now the whole night between English hooligans and police in Lille. English supporters celebrated together with French fans and started riot in the city. Arrest toll in Lille up to 36 as 16 hospitalized. BREAKING – England fans clashing in #Lille tonight. Punches thrown after attempts to calm situation fail — Mark White (@skymarkwhite) …

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Riots during Darmstadt – Eintracht Frankfurt 30.04.2016


More than 500 people were arrested yesterday in Darmstadt before and after the game between the two clubs which are big rivals. (30 km between Frankfurt and Darmstadt) Police used pepper spray when they went inside the away sector. They also used dogs before the game.

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Crystal Palace fans clashed with police before match against Watford 24.04.2016


Crystal Palace fans clash with police at Wembley before FA Cup semi-final against Watford.

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Riots during Belgrade derby 16.04.2016


Clashes between fans and cops during Belgrade derby yesterday. Arrested and injured fans from both sides.

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Riots: FC Basel – FC Zurich 10.04.2016


Switzerland: FC Basel – FC Zurich 10.04.2016 Clashes erupted due police provocation. At the end of the match, police moved toward the exit, where fans and families began to leave the stadium. Suddenly, cops started spray the gas toward a small group of Basel fans. Behind the supporters, were families with children, who cried because of this situation. When the …

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Belgrade derby delayed because of riots with police 25.04.2015


First fight occurred outside the south stand (away stand with Partizan fans) about an hour before game. Grobari clash with police. Few minutes before kick-off new fight broke out, this time between Delije and cops at the stadium. It’s said the fight started when a group of Partizan fans managed to walk towards the home sector. Referee decided to delay …

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Police all around the world


From blast suits and machine guns to stab vests and Rottweilers: How police forces around the globe are equipped to keep order on the streets. Power: Serbian police officers from the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit pose for a picture in their base outside the capital city Belgrade Armed: Belgian special forces pose for a photograph with an armoured vehicle and working …

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