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Rosario Central – Newell’s Old Boys 19.10.14, great atmosphere

It seemed an issue in peace in the Derby of Rosario, but no. A fan of Central of 39 years died after being shot by criminals dressed with clothes of Newell’s, after the classic that was played in “Arroyito”. The crime occurred in the western part of the city, when the man was celebrating the triumph “Rosarino” with his little son, aged six.

The fact that was not revealed until the late hours of Sunday night, occurred minutes after classic among Central and Newell’s, who won the first 2-0.

Apparently, Martin Acosta, the fatal victim was walking through his neighborhood, celebrating the victory of his team when he was intercepted by a group of people with Newell’s clothing.

After discussion, received three bullets that caused death instantly: he was shot in the head and twice in the back. Beside her young son, who lived near the dreadful situation.









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