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Police all around the world

From blast suits and machine guns to stab vests and Rottweilers: How police forces around the globe are equipped to keep order on the streets.

Power: Serbian police officers from the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit pose for a picture in their base outside the capital city Belgrade

Armed: Belgian special forces pose for a photograph with an armoured vehicle and working dog outside their headquarters in central Brussels

Padded: A member of the Philippine National Police bomb squad stands with a bomb scanner and padded suit at a police station in Manila

Lightly armed: Afghan police officers pose with light bullet-proof vests and assault rifles outside a base in Kabul

Smart: London police constables Ben Sinclair and Karen Spencer pose for a photograph wearing their Metropolitan Police beat uniforms

Ready for work: Members of Belgium’s special forces pose for pictures at their headquarters in central Brussels

Rounds: A group of Philippine National Police Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team officers pose outside a Majila police station

Transport: A Philippine National Police officer poses for a picture with a patrol segway motorcycle in front of a police station in Manila

Malaysia’s public order police, the Federal Reserve Unit, are seen wearing riot control equipment at their headquarters in Kuala Lumpur

Austrians: Two Austrian police officers are seen posing in front of a water cannon in Vienna. Left, the officer wears the kind of full combat wear used in life threatening missions. Right, another officer wears clothing and body armour used in a riot situation

Rank and file: Austrian police officers pose in various uniforms in front of a water cannon at their headquarters in Vienna

Shields: Members of the Task Force for Mexico City pose for a photograph in an empty car park outside their base

Lineup: Various ranks of the Task Force for Mexico City pose for a photograph with their armoured vehicles and a working dog

Venezuelan national police officers pose for a picture with their riot equipment in Caracas. They stand next to a mannequin dressed in uniform

No body armour: Members of the United Nations security forces pose in front of the U.N. European headquarters in Geneva

Tough: Afghan policeman Zabiullah, 24, poses for photo in Kabul. He wears no body armour and carries an old-fashioned assault rifle

Mighty: Members of the Bosnian Special Police Support Unit pose for photo in front of their base in the town of Zenicav

Defence brigade: India’s Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel pose for pictures inside their base camp in New Delhi

An Indian police constable stands guard next to an armoured vehicle outside the police commissioner’s office in Mumbai

Picturesque: Italian Carabinieri pose in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome as a Carabinieri helicopter flies overhead

Highly skilled: Serbian gendarmerie officers pose near a building used for training outside their base in Belgrade

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