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New day of riots between Russians and English 11.06.2016

Numerous fights have broken out in Marseille this afternoon between England and Russia fans, stun grenades and tear gas used but police cannot gain control.

Russian corteo attacked English supporters today. Few England fans are seriously injured. Police arrested some of the participants.

Russians on black.

Russians, in a smaller number, face to face with the English.




  1. I hope Russia gets though the Group Stage, I hope England doesn’t.
    I hope Poland gets trough the Group Stage, I think there is no need for violence between Slavic countries!
    I bet Poles were hunting the English pigs too 😀 😀


    • Fighting drunk England fans who clearly didn’t want trouble and you think your tough haha what this doesn’t show you is when proper English Hooligans found your boys they ran off like the little girls that they are!! You won’t qualify from the group because your team is shit, and your fans are pussies who gang up on shirties. Face English hooligans and get slain Russian scum!! Hope the Polish smash all your ‘hooligans’ into the ground again haha

    • debil…..

    • jebany prymityw bratający się z ruskimi zwierzętami.

    • Fuck you, you polish smata… English pigs… Haha, is that why most of your country is over here enjoying our lifestyle?

    • You are inbred fucktards……

    • Half of Poland men live in England you silly cunt they are fuck all,20 years ago England would have gone through these Russsian fuck-wits like a knife through butter.England have thousands of proper lads on banning orders so we cant travel,all the RUSKIES have done is get results against mostly shirters,now fuck off you cunt.

  2. Like animals

    • I hope us English smash them dirty Russian cunts up! Animals starting on innocent fans absolute disgrace!!!

  3. England's Finest

    attacking normal fans, not Englands hooligans, you are idiots, have some respect for the art of hooliganism !!!

    you’re an embarresment !!!

  4. Fuck the russian monkeys!!!

  5. LOL michael russian and polish HATE eachoter a lot more then they hate english

  6. I hope your mum and Russia burn to death

  7. I hope us English smash them dirty Russian cunts up! Animals starting on innocent fans absolute disgrace!!!

  8. Russian Scum!!

  9. Everybody!!! Look at the polish hools what they did to Irish people !!! I can’t belive what supporters can do for their teams.

  10. get a brain

  11. Hahaha, Russians marching down the street soon started running away didn’t they. All big men beating up a 50 year old with an iron bar. Wait till England get a tournament. Our boys who’ve been on banning orders and had our passports taken during tournaments will all be waiting 😉

  12. Russian casual reader

    Английские крутые девочки могут только пить пиво и вести себя как свиньи. За свои действия отвечать честно “на чистых руках” даже с преимуществом 10 к 1 не умеют. Так смешно наблюдать со стороны ваш плач )))
    Когда ты бросаешь бутылки в людей, оскорбляешь, кричишь про то какой ты непобедимый и всем пизда, то должен отвечать за свои действия и слова.
    Поляки это знают. Настоящий польский хулиган в 100 раз больше достоин уважения, чем английские “великие” хулиганы. Даже если ты не хулиган, ты должен оставаться мужчиной с яйцами и членом.
    В 2012 году 90% – это были нападения польских молодых хулиганов на туристов из России)) Пересечений настоящих хулиганов практически не было, полиция работала очень жестко. Из локальных стычек победителями не были не поляки, не русские. Из последних боев между поляками и русскими был в Литве в 2016. Легия против Спартак 63×63. Победа русских за 1.5 минуты.

  13. Russian casual reader


  14. Russians are professionals Kick boxers, the English were simply drunk hoolygans

  15. Russians are professionals Kick boxers, not just football fans

  16. russia wild country, wild people

  17. Soft Russian fags fighting shirties. You’re hookigans are sh!te. Come to England and you all die!

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